Bringing purposeful change to age-old industries.

We are in the middle of a profound cultural sea change. Long gone are the days where hype and marketing jive alone will triumph. It is now meaning and purpose that serve as the backbone of a company’s staying power and provide the strength to remain sustainable and scalable.


Fewer than  one-third of Americans trust traditional sources of wisdom: government, media, religion and big business. This trust has eroded, particularly for millennials and Gen Zs, who now represent more than half of the U.S. population. Yet, many companies that have tried hastily to capitalize on that broken trust have only broken it further with false and inflated promises.


Now more than ever, people are seeing through the hype and massive fundraising rounds and are seeking purpose and meaning when it comes to making decisions to invest in or build a business.


In response, a new generation of companies dedicated to these principles is emerging, and gaining traction. These are the billion-dollar opportunities that will fundamentally transform the way we work, live and care for ourselves and others.


TMV has assembled a team of battle-tested operators, with proven records of spotting and amplifying inventive young companies that are bringing about this change.

Our Terrain

Purpose-driven founders reimagining…

  • The Way We Work: We invest in companies that help both workers and entrepreneurs cultivate talent
  • Logistics and Mobility: We invest in companies creating transparency and efficiency around global trade and movement
  • Sustainable Solutions: We invest in the circular economy
  • The Care Economy: We invest in companies broadening access to care
  • Education Tech: We invest in companies advancing education systems


Our Commitment

We make investments that reflect the way the world actually looks. 

As a female-led fund with a portfolio that’s 65% women- and minority-owned, TMV represents an opportunity for a more inclusive society and culture. We are committed to investing in diverse companies because it’s simply good business.

We pledge to put more capitalistic power into the hands of women and people who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color).


If you like our approach and want to talk to us about how to leverage capital for a better tomorrow, we want to listen.



“TMV was amongst the earliestinvestors in Goodr. As a social impact business aiming to resolve food insecurity globally, we look for genuinely value-aligned investors — we found the right kind of support from TMV.”

“Bravely connects employees to on-demand professional coaching in the key moments that define an employee experience, making it possible for companies to foster a culture that attracts and retains talent.”

“Parsley Health’s mission is to transform the health of everyone everywhere. We prescribe specific lifestyle changes, supplements and nutritional protocols, in addition to medications, because the combined approach of all of these things leads to better results.”