People shape the world.
Ideas shape people.

The TMV Team

Origin Story

TMV believes investing in purposeful companies is simply good business. Backing startups that change the way we work and live is of the utmost importance. Catering to a different kind of investor, and mentoring a particular breed of entrepreneur is worth doing each and every day.

Advisors & Select LPs

Neil Blumenthal

Laura Brown

Beth Comstock

Adam Grant

Brian O’Kelley

Georg Petschnigg

Div Turakhia

Bre Pettis

Kristen Dickey

Rōze Traore

Corporate Network.

Getting a foot in the door or the right introductions to enterprises can be critical to a company’s growth. We have VP & C-level relationships across many of the Fortune 500 spanning a wide range of industries, geographies, and functions.

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